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Training & Self Development on YOUR TIME

How do you get both the confidence of training with a MumSafe Trainer and the convenience of training with one from wherever you are? 


Delivered on an easy to use app, TSM has an option for you!

#1 -  TSM ONLINE MEMBERSHIP *premium annual subscription

You gain immediate access to:

*TSM Signature Pre & Post Natal 10 Week Program

*Access to weekly Live Zoom Masterclass calls/Q&As which coincide with the 10 Week Pre & Post Natal Program Guidebooks

These calls could mean the difference between getting results or not. They are your weekly accountability and masterclass sessions which go over the program content PLUS bonus material relating to motherhood and womanhood. It's also a chance to ask Alycia questions for immediate feedback and support!

*TSM 8 Week Plan

*Workout videos ranges from 3min-60min

*Exercise video library

*Masterclass Replays for Self-Development

*Bonus E-Books for Self-Development

*In-App Promotions

*Access to the tools you need to form, build and maintain a healthier lifestyle on YOUR OWN TIME

Combined weekly value $190

YOURS for just $99 when purchased annually (that is less than $2 p/w!)

#2  -  TSM ONLINE MEMBERSHIP *premium annual subscription + 1:1 Coaching

You gain immediate access to everything in TSM ONLINE MEMBERSHIP (see above)


10 x 30min Live Zoom Coaching Calls over 10 weeks with a 10 week action plan to help you achieve YOUR goals and establish new habits leading you to your success path.


Unlimited email contact for the 10 week term

Add 1:1 Coaching to your TSM Online Membership with openings 4 times a year:

Term 1 - Closed

Term 2 - 24th April - 23rd June

Term 3 - 10th July - 15th Sept

Term 4 - 2nd Oct - 8th Dec

*all 1:1 Coaching Clients must have a valid TSM ONLINE MEMBERSHIP


Individualize what you want by choosing the program/s you want access to:

*TSM 8 Week Meal Plan on its own

*TSM Signature Pre & Post Natal 10 Week Program on its own

*6 Week Training Programs (choose the one you prefer)

*Trial/Free Online Programs

*CASUAL Live Zoom Coaching Calls

*Training Program Set Up Calls

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