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Building Stronger Mums

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I have the best job in Bendigo! All week I get to talk to women and mums about their health, fitness, motherhood and EVERYTHING in between. I am here to support you with your return to exercise post partum or during pregnancy. Let's connect, chat, meet or train together. I have a service that will suit any woman no matter their busy schedule. Let's stay strong together!

TSM 1:1 Personal Training is a 10 week training commitment with the option of attending 1 or 2 sessions per week. These can be held face to face or live zoom if you are not local to Bendigo or prefer training from home.


*10 weeks of training sessions (you choose 1 OR 2 1:1 sessions per week for 10 weeks)

*Online App with videos, workouts and more!

*Community online group

*Personalized Program

*Progressive training from week 1 to 10 so you can build strength, fitness and confidence comfortably based on your goals

*Pelvic Floor Safety front of mind with an experienced trainer dedicated to finding the right exercises FOR YOU

*Live Zoom or Face to Face sessions available


*Womens Health Physio Partner

*Kid Friendly Sessions if needed

*I am a MumSafe™️ Trainer - this means I have all of my registrations, insurance, my training is up to date, and I receive ongoing education in women's health each month!

*I am super passionate about what I do and how I do it so rest assured you will quality information and training with me

*I like to know the story of each of my clients, there is never a 'one fits all' approach - everything is tailored to you whwther you have pelvic floor concerns, prolapse, are pregnant, never had kids before or simply need some assistance getting started in a training environment


1. Get on my mailing list to stay up to date with dates of sessions, pre enrolment and more!

2. Choose your preferred time slot and location for 1:1 PT

3. Enroll during PRE ENROLMENT so you do not miss your spot!! *there are LIMITED spots each term

4. Show up - I will do the rest!

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